Progress Report: 19 Days Post-Surgery

Progress Report: 19 Days Post-Surgery

Hey there, fellow journeyers! It's Andrew back with the latest update on my ankle injury recovery journey. Today, I'm sharing my experience at my most recent post-op appointment, which took place 19 days after my surgery. This appointment brought some exciting developments and insights into my ongoing recovery.

Stepping Up My Game

In the days leading up to this appointment, I had been gradually increasing my mobility. I started walking around the house with the walking boot and relied on crutches mainly when I ventured outside, such as to my kids' soccer games or a fun community Fall fest. These small outings were a breath of fresh air (literally), but they also posed some challenges.

The Sleep Struggle Continues

One challenge that persisted was achieving consistent sleep, especially on the nights following my outings. The discomfort and restlessness often kept me awake, making it an ongoing hurdle in my recovery journey.

The Power of Consistency: Red Light Therapy

One thing that remained constant throughout my recovery was my dedication to Red Light Therapy using my HiveHue panel. I adhered to a consistent regimen, and this diligence paid off in spades at my recent appointment.

A Pleasant Surprise at the Doctor's Office

To say my surgeon was impressed would be an understatement. He couldn't believe the minimal swelling and the remarkable level of scar healing he observed at the appointment. He was genuinely amazed at how well I was progressing and couldn't resist asking about my routine so he could share it with others.

I was more than happy to share the secret behind my progress: Red Light Therapy. I explained the power of targeted light therapy at home, highlighting how it had contributed to my healing process. The surgeon had initially prepared the table with gauze and wraps for the suture removal, but he ended up putting everything away and only used two small bandages instead. He mentioned that this had never happened in his experience with this type of surgery.

What Lies Ahead

Despite my impressive progress, I'm not out of the woods just yet. I'm still in the boot for three more weeks, with occasional short breaks to begin minimal movement exercises. My surgeon emphasized that the next three weeks will be more of a test of my mental wellness than physical capability. While I may feel like I can progress quickly, he's urging me to remain patient.

His reasoning is simple but critical: giving my ankle optimal time to heal before transitioning to a brace and regular shoe is essential for long-term success. This advice resonated with me, and I'm committed to following it.

The Driving Dilemma

One challenge I'm still grappling with, being my right ankle, is my inability to drive. This can be particularly challenging in the suburban Midwest area where we reside. It's a reminder that patience is key during this recovery journey.

Adding More Light Therapy

To help me stay positive and focused during the next few weeks, I plan to incorporate more Light Therapy sessions targeted at my head and face. I've experienced firsthand the benefits of this therapy, and I'm eager to see how it can aid in my mental wellness.

As I continue to navigate this recovery journey, I'm grateful for the progress I've made so far and remain optimistic about the road ahead. Stay tuned for the next chapter in my ankle injury recovery series, and remember, we're in this together! 💪🌟