A Glimpse of Progress: Days 5-14 Post-Surgery

A Glimpse of Progress: Days 5-14 Post-Surgery

Hey everyone, it's Andrew again, and I'm excited to share the latest installment of my ankle injury and recovery journey. We're now in that pivotal period from 5 days post-surgery to 14 days post-surgery – a time filled with anticipation, a touch of anxiety, and some encouraging signs of progress.


A Fresh Start

With my right ankle on the mend, I was eager to check in with my doctor, especially given the unique circumstances of my surgery, the blood thinners, and pain medications that had me feeling somewhat out of sorts.


On the day of my appointment, I was feeling well enough to take my first real shower with a cast cover. Balancing on one leg during the shower was a bit tricky and tiring, but it felt fantastic to be cleaner than my previous "sponge baths."


A Break for the Family

My wife and kids joined me for the drive to the appointment, but I encouraged them to take some time to enjoy the park nearby. It was a win-win situation – they got some fresh air and the chance to release some pent-up energy, and I had a little time to prepare myself for what lay ahead.


The Anxious Moments

As I crutched my way into the doctor's office, a wave of anxiousness washed over me. I was about to get my first look at my ankle without the bandages and splint, and I couldn't help but wonder how "gnarly" it would be.


Revealing the Truth

In the examination room, the assistant carefully removed the splint and wraps that had protected my ankle since surgery. I was in for a couple of surprises. First, there were more incision points than I had anticipated – a few smaller ones on both the outside and inside of my ankle, along with three larger, linear stitch-up incisions. It was clear that the surgical team had been hard at work.


What amazed me even more was that the wraps were relatively clean, with minimal blood staining. It was a testament to the skill of the surgical team and the quality of my care.


The Doctor's Insights

Next, we headed off for a round of digital x-rays. Maneuvering for these was uncomfortable and painful, but it was a necessary step in assessing my progress. Afterward, I hobbled back to the examination room, where my doctor joined us.


He shared some good news: the surgery had gone well. However, he explained that he had to modify his approach to ensure the best possible outcome. The additional inside incisions were made to allow for more secure drilling and anchoring of the cadaver tendon. These adjustments were aimed at preventing the need for future surgeries.


The doctor also mentioned some cleanup and bone sculpting that was done to ensure my tendons would heal properly. He showed me the digital x-rays, explaining in detail the methods and reasons behind each step of the surgery. His thoroughness and willingness to answer my questions put me at ease.


The Path Ahead 

We then discussed the pivotal decision of whether to put me back into the splint and wraps or transition to a walking boot. My doctor chose the latter and tested my pain level with weight-bearing activity. His goal was to have me weight-bearing by our next meeting in two weeks. He reassured me that as long as I wore the boot (except for showering) and continued my Red Light Therapy sessions, I would be on a safe path to recovery.


I left that appointment with a newfound sense of confidence and optimism about my recovery journey. The road ahead was clear, and I was determined to regain my active lifestyle.


Encouraging Signs

In the days following the appointment, I introduced two 20-minute Light Therapy Sessions daily using my HiveHue Panel on my ankle. The immediate relief from pain and inflammation was remarkable. An hour later, I felt a sense of healing, accompanied by occasional sensations of "energy" in the area of the scars. There was also a subtle itching sensation, deep within my bone, indicating that the healing process was underway.


I began spending more time with my leg lower than my heart, whether at my desk or moving around the house. I even had the opportunity to be an active participant in my son's 5th birthday party. The party, held at a local inflatable play business, allowed me to meet his new school friends and their parents – a meaningful moment for me.


Challenges Persist

However, it's important to note that when my leg is down for extended periods, I experience inflammation and pain. Nights are still rough, and while I'm getting more consecutive hours of sleep than in the first week, it's still not the quality of rest I'm used to. I'm hopeful that as I gradually return to more activity and healing continues, my sleep will improve.


My next update will most likely come after the next post-op appointment, three weeks post-surgery. Stay tuned for more progress and insights on my journey to recovery! 💪🌟