Stepping into Recovery: My Ankle Surgery Journey

Stepping into Recovery: My Ankle Surgery Journey

Hey there, fellow journeyers! It's Andrew again, and today I want to share the next chapter in my ankle injury and recovery series. If you've been following along, you know that I've been on quite the adventure, harnessing the power of red light therapy to aid in my ankle's healing process. But today, let's dive into a pivotal moment in my recovery journey – my ankle surgery.

The Decision to Undergo Surgery
After careful consideration and consultations with my medical team, I made the decision to undergo surgery for my right ankle. This procedure was no walk in the park; it was a right ankle ligament reconstruction using a cadaver donor tendon, specifically the modified Broström Gould procedure. Additionally, there was some damage to a tendon on the outside of my foot that needed cleaning up and repair.

A Supportive Crew
Facing surgery can be daunting, but I was fortunate to have my dad by my side as I entered the hospital that day. Later on, my wife stepped in to take over watch duty, which was a tremendous relief for both of us. Family support has been an invaluable part of my recovery journey.

The Surgical Day
My surgery day began early; I arrived at the hospital by 7:30 AM. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I had completed all the necessary paperwork online beforehand – a tip I highly recommend to streamline the process.

I was then taken to the pre-op room, where the anticipation was palpable. But before I knew it, I was waking up in the post-op area around 1:00 PM. The entire surgical procedure took less time than I had expected. By 2:15 PM, I was on my way home, ready to embark on the road to recovery.

Creating a Comfortable Recovery Space
One of the silver linings in this journey is that I have a dedicated space in my home, my office-guest room, which we transformed into the perfect recovery oasis. This space includes a bed, bathroom, fridge, microwave, TV, and computer – all the essentials to keep me comfortable during my healing process.

I invested in a special pillow to elevate my foot while in bed, and I also got a desktop ice maker to make sure I could keep icing my leg (behind the knee) as recommended by my medical team.

Challenges and Silver Linings
The first few days post-surgery brought their fair share of challenges. I couldn't help but worry about the added stress on my wife, who took on the role of the full-time caregiver for our 7.5 and 5-year-old kids – not to mention that our youngest's 5th birthday fell just two days after my surgery.

For an active individual like me, the requirement to keep my foot elevated above my heart for the first week was a significant adjustment. And let me tell you, the second day post-surgery was the most painful overall. However, the nights have proven to be the most challenging. As a habitual side sleeper, finding a comfortable position with my elevated foot and managing the general discomfort has been a struggle. Lack of good sleep can leave me feeling not quite like myself the next day.

A Bright Spot in Recovery
Amidst the challenges, I've discovered a helpful ally in my HiveHue Light Panel. It's been an effective mood enhancer and a source of energy during these days when I find myself bedridden. Little things like this make a big difference in keeping my spirits up.

My next update will come after my first post-op appointment, where I hope to bid farewell to the splint and step into a more comfortable walking boot. Stay tuned for the next chapter in my ankle injury and recovery journey, and remember – we're in this together! 💪🌟